Discovery Junction Children's Museum is devoted to the development of the children in our community through the most natural activity of childhood – Play. DJCM celebrates children for who they are while inspiring them to dream about who they may become. 

An important goal of DJCM is to become community partners with area schools and educators. When we open our doors, we will be a field trip destination and serve as a resource in the classroom.


DJCM is initiating a virtual summer program where we hope to share your creative ideas with the community. 

We are asking preschool, elementary school, and home school educators to share lessons, in any subject, that students could complete at home as summer enrichment activities. In the spirit of our mission, and in the tradition of summer break, we ask that any ideas have an element of play and discovery. 

Sample ideas include: 

  • A favorite book and art project or recipe

  • Scavenger hunts at local sites of historical significance

  • Science experiments

  • Art projects

  • Obstacle course challenges

  • Games that reinforce math facts


We would be honored to have your participation.  Please complete the form found here.


Throughout the summer we will post the plans to our Website and Facebook page. Your name, grade level, and school will be included. I know that children will get a thrill out of seeing their educators represented. It is our goal to have enough participation that three (or more) activities can be posted a week; one each for preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary.


It's a safe guess that you already have a favorite lesson that always gets your students excited to learn. Share it with us! Let’s work together to keep students engaged, learning, and having fun during the summer.